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EU Strategy

EU Strategy sprl is a consultancy firm located in the heart of Brussels’ European quarter. It provides an extensive network of contacts in European institutions and other Brussels-based associations and organisations. EU Strategy was created in 2009 by founder Andrea Parola, after working 10 years in Brussels, including six at the European Commission. Based on the firm’s expertise, understanding of the EU environment and established contacts in Brussels, EU Strategy is able to offer government relations and regulatory affairs advice and services tailored to particular needs in the business areas of advocacy, association management and intelligence gathering. In an ever-changing legislative, regulatory and marketplace environment, effective service delivery is not only about who you know, but about also about what you know and how best to use it in getting your message across. It is also about a well thought-out strategy, based on good planning, defining achievable objectives and identifying precise points at which influence can be brought to bear.

EU Strategy notably provides the following services:

1. Advocacy: Guidance through the complex approval process for European legislation or a regulatory proposal in a plethora of sectors and domains, enabling clients to have their input heard by the right people, in the right way and at the right time

2. Association Management: Specific services to associations, from formation/incorporation to day-to-day management, with strategic advice and assistance provided in legal, fiscal and communication areas

3. Intelligence gathering: insight at an early stage into ideas and potential political and legislative initiatives of the European Commission and in-depth analysis of the possible consequences for clients