SAMMAN in an article by Contexte on "Lawyers Lobbyists"

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Founding Partner of the "only [law] firm in Paris specialized in Public Affairs", Thaima Samman brings her vision of the job in an article (in French) by Samuel Le Goff in Contexte.

The article by Samuel Le Goff on the emergence of lawyers lobbyists provides an overview of the few French law firms working in this field, including SAMMAN Law & Corporate Affairs, the "only [law] firm in Paris specialized in Public Affairs". According to Thaima Samman, quoted in the article, the role of an attorney-at-law is to represent and defend the interests of its clients, before the courts, during a litigation, but also before the public authorities, during the elaboration of the rules. Working in Public Affairs requires several competences that attorneys hold: mastering the institutional and political dynamics, understanding the business models of the clients and a legal expertise.