Round table with Sixtine Bouygues, European Commission

Jun 30

On June 30th, 2017, Thaima Samman moderated a breakfast conversation organized by the European American Chamberof Commerce on “the European Union's priorities” with Sixtine Bouygues, Deputy Director-General of Communication at the European Commission. 

Sixtine Bouygues came back on the European Commission White Paper on the Future of Europe, and explained the five scenarios presented by the document. The challenges faced by the European Union are numerous: demographic, economic, migratory, etc. These challenges can be solved, according to Ms. Bouygues, more easily at the European level, and particularly through the French-German cooperation.

The election of a pro-European President in France, or the fact that the main candidates to the Chancellery in Germany are both convinced European as well, are a positive signal, and according Sixtine Bouygues “the Paris-Berlin axis could give again a real new impetus to Europe”.

Sixtine Bouygues also stressed the Commission’s full support to free trade, but “not at any price”, mentioning in particular the ongoing review of the EU trade defence tools and the debate on whether foreign investments in strategic sectors should be examined.