Which Trade Policy for the EU in a world in transition?

Dec 19

SAMMAN Law & Corporate Affairs is delighted to host the launch event of the Young Leaders in Finance Club in Brussels on December 19th at 6pm, around Pauline Weinzierl, Deputy Head of Unit at DG Trade, European Commission. More informations and registration below.

CJDF Launch event

The event will be focused on "Which Trade Policy for the EU in a world in transition?" and will be followed by a cocktail.

The discussion will be moderated by Clémence Arto, a partner as SAMMAN and Vice-President of the Young Leaders in Finance Club.

Pauline Weinzierl has worked for several years as a trade negociator for the European Commission, with a focus on investments, trade in services and digital trade. She recently was part of DG TRADE's strategy team working on the UK withdrawal from the EU, and between 2012 and 2014 she was seconded to the EU Task Force for Greece to provide technical assistance to the Greek government for reforms in the areas of trade, customs and investment environment.

The Young Leaders in Finance (Le Club des Jeunes Dirigeants Financiers) gathers young and mid-level professionals with various backgrounds who work with or within the financial sector taken in the broad sense. The club follows 2 main objectives : 1) Foster debates about the future and the role of Finance with public leaders and financial actors across Europe; 2) Support and develop new potentials and diversity in the financial world. The Young Leaders of Finance is a part of the Centre des Professions Financières, an organization gathering professionals of the financial sector managed by Michel Pébereau (Former CEO of BNP...)

Come join us to learn more about the future of the EU Trade Policy, and about the Young Leaders in Finance Club!

Registration below.