Thaima Samman speaks at Global WIN


Thaima Samman spoke recently at the event organized by the Global Women Innovation Network ( in Washington DC, and provided her views on the Future of Europe, the Brexit negotiations, and implications for the #digital #tech sectors. Follow the link below to access Thaima's full presentation.

Thaima Samman underlined that the balance of powers within the European institutions has evolved during the last years: Facing the rising of Eurosceptic Parties, EU decision-making has been moving towards an intergovernmental approach, rather than a communitarian one.

Within the Council, the Franco-German partnership’s dynamic is renewed: under François Hollande’s era, France’s role was relegated in the background, today France is trying to take the lead, E. Macron benefiting from a favourable economic condition and from the support of other EU leaders while A. Merkel faces difficulties after the general election in Germanylast September.

In this context, the digital agenda is moving up in the list of EU leaders’ priorities with several topics like: Free flow of data,geo-blocking, the Electronic Communications Code, the Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive, E-privacy Regulation, the legislative proposal on platform-to-business relationships, etc. The Digital tax issue is also gaining momentum after the first European digital Summit and the French initiative on the matter.

Regarding Brexit, the priorities for digital and tech industries will be to thrive in this new contextwith the creation of a new FTA (free-trade agreement), with reciprocal access to EU and UK market, a facilitated cross border movement of persons and a free flow of data, notably of personal data. Regarding this last point, the status of the post-Brexit UK is yet to be defined: a preferred integration, an adequacy decision regime or third-party regime.

File to download Samman_Final presentation Nov 8_Outlook for the Tech and Innovation Industry in the EU.pdf