Patrick Starkman quoted on Brexit

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Patrick Starkman, Partner at SAMMAN Law Firm was interviewed by IGNITES Europe, a Financial Times service, as part of an article on the weight of Paris/France for financial services post-brexit.

Here is the quote from the IGNITES Europe article: “Patrick Starkman, partner at Samman, a Paris-based law and corporate affairs firm, says it makes sense to locate EU fund lobbyists in the French capital post-Brexit, given ESMA’s likely increased powers and the relocation of the European Banking Authority to the city. ”Mr Starkman adds that another important factor is the fact that the UK’s departure from the EU institutions means that France’s strong voting weight in the European Council will increase post-Brexit. “Being regularly present at the ESMA and EBA hearings, and meeting French decision makers on a regular basis is a wise strategy,” he says.