France attractiveness in 2015: Business France Scoreboard

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Business France, the agency in charge of accompanying foreign investments in France and French companie's investment abroad, published a Scoreboard with an overview of France’s principal elements of attractiveness and their comparison with other countries.

The document identifies as the country’s main assets its quality of life, infrastructures, education, employees’ skills, R&D, innovation, the size of its market and productivity at work. Weak points remain, such as companies’ taxation, labor regulation or economic growth level.

France has been topping the rest of Europe in terms of industrial foreign direct investments for 15 years. The CICE (tax credit for competitiveness and jobs) also allowed to improve competitiveness and the cost of labor was reduced by 3.3% over two years.

Cultural heritage as well as the access to a full set of services such as health services and quality education make human capital and quality of life two of the country’s main assets. For instance, 9.3/1000 workers in France are researchers.

If companies’ taxation remain complex and heavy with a nominal corporate tax rate of 33,3%, the Government’s measures have decreased this tax to an effective rate of 28%. To limit administrative complexity, France engaged numerous reforms and already ranks at the 4th rank for e-administration worldwide.

The Business France publication (in French) is accessible through the link below.