Government reshuffle - Biographies of the new Ministers

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Three ministers left the Government  following the announcement of the Presidential party's (LaREM) list for the European elections : Nathalie Loiseau, former Minister in charge of European Affairs and head of the list, as well as  two Junior Ministers - Benjamin Griveaux, the Government’s Spokesperson, and Mounir Mahjoubi, in charge of Digital Affairs - who have publicly stated that they are candidates to lead the LaREM list for the City of Paris in the upcoming mayoral elections, planned for spring 2020. 

Campaigning by a member of government while still in office is not going down well in France (legislative elections aside), thus the decision was made some time ago to "rid" the Government of candidates running in the upcoming European and mayoral elections at the same time.

Following these departures, the President appointed Sibeth Ndiaye as spokesperson, Amélie de Montchalin as Junior Minister of European Affairs, and Cédric O as Junior Minister of Digital Affairs. This reshuffle is mainly technical, the three newcomers being all part of the President’s inner circle. Regarding digital issues, Cedric O has followed and worked on all the issues addressed and initiatives led by the previous Junior Minister on Digital Affairs in his previous capacities. Consequently, no major changes should be expected in the short term in the French digital agenda. Please see attached the biography of Cédric O.

Please find attached the resume of the three new appointees. 

File to download Biographies of Amélie de Montchalin, Sibeth Ndiaye and Cédric O.pdf