Bill on Energy Transition: Ambitions vs Means

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For the Association "Equilibre des Energies", Thaima Samman and Antoine Vitela analyse the Bill of Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth currently examined by the French Parliament, in particular the provisions regarding buildings' energy renovation, as adopted by the National Assembly in October 2014 (Article in French).

The Bill on Energy Transition for Green Growth, adopted mid-October by an impressive parliamentary majority (gathering socialists, greens and radicals), is the reply to energetic and environmental questions proposed by France, which will host the 21st Conference of the Parties on Climate Change in 2015. If the ambitions displayed in the second part of the Bill, addressing buildings' energy renovation, are very high, it remains to be seen whether they will be combined with the appropriate means to ensure the efficacity of their implementation, especially following the upcoming examination of the text in the Senate.